LIST 502 – APRIL 2020

(Part II will be issued on April 17th)

While the Gallery is closed we will take telephone orders on
07780 006436 (NOT on 020 7637 3981)
and emails at

How ‘The List’ Works

Our Lists are usually published on this website on the first Wednesday of every month, introducing 100 works to our large stock of oil paintings, watercolours, drawings and prints.
However, while the gallery is temporarily closed, we are publishing our LISTS in
TWO HALVES of 51 pictures each, on the first and third Wednesdays of the month.

Usually, those of you who are on the doorstep of the gallery would get first go at the new stock, but while the Gallery is closed, we will take telephone orders (07780 006436) and emails ( in strict order of receipt.

Images: These are intended as an indication of the work – please telephone or email  if you have any questions about the photograph’s relationship to the original. We are always happy to send further photos – framed, versos, inscriptions, something to give scale – so please do ask. We reserve pictures for 48 hours while they are being considered.

Postage: Most works can be packed and posted, inland and abroad, and most UK postage is offered free for the time being. We can quote for sending works abroad.

Approval Service: We are happy to send works on approval, but this is subject to discussion.


If you would like to receive email alerts when ‘Lists’ are published and Exhibitions are announced, please contact us with you full name, postal address (we send occasional cards and catalogues) and email address. We NEVER share you information – see our Personal Data Policy.