LIST 480 – MAY 2018


JOHN FARLEIGH R.E. (1900-1965)

Wood-engravings to illustrate The Story of David, A. and C. Black, 1934




PAUL NASH (1889-1946)

Wood engravings printed from the original blocks by Ian Hamilton for Garton and Cooke, 1985.





Colour woodcuts from One Hundred Famous Views of Edo (1856-1858)
Printed c.1857.

On each print in the series is the title (top right corner) ‘Meisho Edo Hyakkai’ (‘One Hundred Famous Views of Edo’) and the signature (near the lower right of left edge) ‘Hiroshige ga/hitsu’ in red cartouches. The sub-title with the name of the place or scene is in the square cartouche (shikishi) next to the title.

Each print also bears the Censor’s Aratame seal and the Censor’s date seal, ranging from the Year of the Dragon (Ansei 3 is 1856) and the Year of the Snake (Ansei 4 is 1857) to the Year of the Horse (Ansei 5 is 1858) as well as that of the publisher, Uoya Eikichi.  



REYNOLDS STONE S.W.E. (1909-1979)

Wood engraving for The Old Rectory, Warren Editions, 1976.





Aquatints for the Invitation to a Voyage series (1969-1970)



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