LIST 442 – NOVEMBER 2014
Including ‘Pictures for Christmas’

This List introduces 300 oil paintings, watercolours, drawings and prints by artists ranging from Francis Barlow to Keith Vaughan. Embedded in it are also groups, by artists from Vanessa Bell to James Ward. Groups are hi-lit in red and fully illustrated.
Starting on the 13th November and running until the 23rd December is an exhibition of fashion drawings by Brian Stonehouse M.B.E. (1918-1998), the WWII SOE Secret Agent who worked for American Vogue 1952 – 1962. Click here to view.
In December, of course, there will also be another List, with many more groups. So, we hope that whoever visits Abbott and Holder over the next two months with Christmas in mind will find plenty to interest them.







Our Lists are published here on the first Wednesday of every month. They introduce at least 100 works to the large stock of oil paintings, watercolours, drawings and prints, arranged over three floors at our Museum Street building.

Nothing is sold from the List before 9.30am on the Wednesday it is published. Those of you who are on the doorstep get first go at the new stock, and while we try to keep telephone and email enquiries in strict order of receipt, there will be times when technological overlaps muddy the system.

Images: These are only intended as an indication of the work – please telephone or email if you have any questions about the photograph’s relationship to the original. We reserve pictures for 24 hours while they are being considered. For larger images or to make reservations email

Attributions: are fully guaranteed; don’t hesitate to question us about them. Money back AND a box of Black Magic should you buy something and discover we are wrong.