Intelligent, Strong, Ethusiastic
General Gallery Assistant

A look at our website will show you what Abbott and Holder does. Although we have a well maintained on-line presence we believe people like and need to be able to see pictures before buying them and our three floors of galleries are filled with framed and mounted stock. The General Gallery Assistant opens and closes the building, makes sure it is well maintained, orders mounts, fits pictures into frames, makes tea, deals with packing and postage, collects from Auctions, hangs pictures and makes sure the mounted works are in a proper order. They also, of course, have to deal with customers and some office administration. They will be instructed by our Gallery Manager.

This sounds a lot, however, others have done it well over the years and it provides great work experience for the right person.
£21,000 p.a.

Send an appropriate CV to Philip Athill and Tom Edwards
Warning: anyone whose parent applies on their behalf hasn’t got a chance.