Paul NASH (1889-1946)

‘A Private World’

An exhibition of 25 photographs.

Having been selected by John Piper from Paul Nash’s original negatives these photographs, taken on Nash’s No.1A pocket Kodak series 2 camera between 1931 and 1946, were printed by David Lambert on Kodak Veribrom semi-matt paper for Fischer Fine Art and published in an edition of 45 as ‘A Private World, Photographs by Paul Nash’ in 1978.  Each is pencil inscribed with the edition number ,‘19/45’, on the reverse and blind stamped with the mark of the Paul Nash Trustees and the Tate Gallery Archives Department, where the negatives are now lodged.

References:The bracketed numbers refer to the Tate Gallery negatives, the letters to geographical location. The asterisk shows that the image size as printed has been cropped to Nash’s mark-ups.
‘PW’: ‘A Private World, Photographs by Paul Nash’.

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