10am – 1pm and 2pm – 5pm
Monday to Saturday.

You do not have to make an appointment to visit. But if you are coming to collect a picture or to view something you have seen online, please contact us first so we can make sure it is ready/available for you.


30 Museum Street
– opposite the British Museum –
London, WC1A 1LH
0207 637 3981


Managing Director

I studied History of Art at the Courtauld Institute then worked as a Porter at Bonhams Auctioneers before joined the company in 2003. Philip Athill and I established the Abbott and Holder Joint Venture for special projects in 2008, and I became a Director of Abbott and Holder Ltd in 2012. In March 2021 Philip retired and I am now owner and Managing Director. I have two young daughters, so am keen to spend every spare minute with them, my wife and dog. But whenever the opportunity presents itself, I am straight in the swimming pool …


While this website has become a vital extension to our gallery in Museum Street, nothing can replace seeing the objects. So, we encourage you to visit, where the display changes most weeks and there are always hundreds of things to see.

You do not have to make an appointment to visit. But please contact us first if you would like to come and view something you have seen online. We will make sure it is available and on view at the gallery.

If you are interested in something but are unable to visit, we can send more photographs and, if you can bear it, arrange video calls. We are more than happy to hold pictures for an agreed time while they are being considered, or to give time for arrangements to be made to come in.


The first of our Lists was published in 1942 and they are still the main way we publicise new stock. They are now issued monthly, usually in two parts, and introduce 100 works to our large stock of oil paintings, watercolours, drawings and prints from c.1750-c.2000. The Lists are fully illustrated on the homepage of this site and an email is sent when they are published.


when ‘Lists’ are published and Exhibitions announced please get in touch, or click here to enter your email. We NEVER share you information. You can read our Personal Data Policy here.




To provide beautiful and interesting pictures affordable from income was the aim of Robert Abbott and Eric Holder when they started dealing together in 1936. For eighty-five years it has remained our policy to stock pictures that are within the means of as broad a section of the population as possible, so most of our stock of British pictures from c.1750 – c.2000 is priced between £100 and £5000.

The first of our famous ‘Lists’ was issued in 1942 as a way of introducing and publicising new acquisitions. Then, after World War II, Robert Abbott bought a large house in Castelnau Road that acted both as the gallery and his home and became something of a Mecca for enthusiasts. The Partnership remained a family matter with the founder’s nephew, John Abbott, joining Eric Holder from 1971-81. Then in 1984 Philip Athill, who was already an Assistant, became a Partner. Philip and John moved the company to Museum Street in 1987 and added Paper Conservation to the business. On John’s retirement in 2001 we became a Limited Company of which Philip Athill was Managing Director. Tom Edwards joined the company in 2003 having read Art History at the Courtauld Institute. He became a Director in 2012. Philip Athill retired in 2021 and Tom Edwards is now owner and Managing Director.