We mostly deal in British works of art from the Eighteenth to late Twentieth Centuries; this is the area in which we are most knowledgeable and experienced. But there are always exceptions. The monthly Lists of new stock are composed of works that we feel are beautiful, interesting, rare, unusual, exciting …; anything that might distinguish them from ‘the crowd’ irrespective of date or country of origin … and most certainly ‘fashion’.

When Robert Abbott and Eric Holder started dealing together in 1936 they aimed to provide pictures affordable from income. For eighty-five years it has remained our policy to stock works that are within the means of as broad a section of the population as possible. So, while our prices can range from as little as £50 to more than £50K, the great majority of the works you will see on this website and at the gallery are priced between £100 and £5000.


The first of our Lists was published in 1942 and they are still the main way we publicise new stock. They are now issued monthly, usually in two parts, and introduce 100 works to our large stock of oil paintings, watercolours, drawings and prints from c.1700-c.2000. The Lists are fully illustrated on the homepage of this site and an email is sent when they are published.


when ‘Lists’ are published and Exhibitions announced please get in touch, or click here to enter your email. We NEVER share you information. You can read our Personal Data Policy here.


In addition to our monthly Lists of new stock, we hold regular Exhibitions and feature smaller ‘Groups’, often by a single artist.

As with our monthly Lists, emails are sent to announce Exhibitions and Groups. Exhibition Cards are also sometimes sent in the post, but this is rare.

If you are an artist and think your work may suite us, or the owner of a collection that you are interested in exhibiting, please contact Tom Edwards.


The current List, Exhibitions, Groups and all other Available Stock is illustrated on this website. We hope the website is clear and easy to navigate. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like anything explained or need help using it.

Like all shops, our website has become a vital extension to our gallery in Museum Street. But, nothing can replace seeing the objects. So, we encourage you to visit. We are spread over two floors and there are always hundreds of things to see.

You do not have to make an appointment to visit. But please contact us first if you would like to come and view something you have seen online. We will make sure it is available and at the gallery.

If you are interested in something you have seen online but are unable to visit, please do telephone, email, or send a message using the ‘Enquire’ link next to available works on this website. All questions – e.g. on attribution, condition, pricing … – are welcomed. We can send more photographs and, if you can bear it, arrange video calls. We are more than happy to hold pictures for an agreed time while they are being considered, or to give time for arrangements to be made to come in. In certain cases we are willing to discuss sending works on Approval.


Once you are happy that you would like to proceed in buying something from us an invoice will be issued. These are sent by email. Please ask if you would like a copy posted. Pictures will be sent, or can be collected, once full payment has been received. We are willing to discuss spreading payments over an agreed time, but only before an invoice has been issued.

We accept payment by bank transfer, card (all except American Express) or cheque. If you pay by card and are having a work sent, a copy of your card receipt will be included in the parcel. If you pay by transfer, Natalie will email you a receipt once payment has been received.

Since the introduction of 5AMLD (the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive) we are required by law to collect photo ID and proof of address when making sales equivalent to 10,000 Euros or more.


Everything you see on this website can be sent to you. We pack and send pictures all over the world every week. Almost all works are parcelled in-house and we pride ourselves on having the experience to make sure they are sent safely and efficiently.

We use DHL to courier small and medium sized items anywhere in the world. We use Aardvark Art Services (very reasonable and dependable) to send larger works within the UK, and Alban Shipping for crating and sending larger or fragile works abroad.

If you see something on this website you are interested in, do contact us for a postage and packing quote. But as a guide, to send works to inland UK addresses usually costs £10-£50 (+vat) depending on size and whether the work is framed. Customers in Central London – we encourage you to visit and collect works. If you can’t make it to the gallery it is almost always more efficient, and affordable, to courier works to you with Addison Lee or one of the London based Art Logistics firms we work with.


We do everything we can to make sure customers are given a reasonable amount of time, and have all the information they need, to make decisions. Only in very rare cases are refunds offered. We do understand, however, that mistakes can be made. Buying works of art as gifts, for example, can be difficult. So we are usually happy to offer a Credit Note if a picture is returned quickly.