Saturday 17th November – Saturday 22nd December 2012

I began to draw and paint as an adult, learning from the artists by whom I was surrounded; my father John Ward C.B.E, my sister Celia, my brother Toby and by John Sergeant. Painting on wood began two and a half years ago following a week spent watching and helping with the restoration of icons in Bucharest. I loved the smooth surface and the clear bright colours that seemed to shine out from the panels. So on my return, I went to a local cabinetmaker and bought a variety of off cuts, all small and chunky, and made my own panels.

I then continued my long interest in still lives. My inspirations being the small plain works of the 17th century masters, Zurbaran, Juan Sanchez Cotan and Adrien Coorte whose work is not simply a matter of copying reality- rather it is a search for the world as it really is away from the distorting power of our own selves: a world alive with arresting beauty. I choose my subjects – fruit, eggs, grass – from daily life and spend between one and six weeks on each piece.

I have found the very limitations of using these squat pieces of wood a great spur to new ideas; sometimes painting boarders on the edges, sometimes painting on all four sides then placing one piece on another, so making little worlds in miniature.

Charlotte Ward
Briston, Norfolk
October 2012

These are objects as well as paintings. While they are fitted to hang on a wall, they are conceived in three-dimensions and stand alone very happily. They can be tray framed for between £50 and £75 pounds, depending on size.

The price range of this exhibition was £225 – £475