‘Impressions of the Garden Suburb Hampstead, 1923-25’
By William Isaac Aston (1857-1939)

Album of 39 pages numbered 1-40, p.38 having been removed before the album was acquired by Abbott and Holder Ltd. Each album page is 10.5 x 15 inches and has a watercolour painted directly onto it. Two watercolours appear on pages 6 and 8. All pages are signed and inscribed by the artist. Each watercolour is 6×8 inches, apart from those on pages 6 and 8, which are 6×4.

William Isaac Aston (1857-1939) Mathematical instrument maker and amateur artist;
To his son, A. Ewart Aston (c.1890-1977) Trust architect to Hampstead Garden Suburb Tenants;
To his daughter Joy Aston (Mrs Penfold) (c.1915-after 2005); To her cousin Mr Roy Squire.