Keith VAUGHAN (1912-1977)

– Landscape and Figure Drawings –
including twenty of The ‘Grafitti’ Drawings series.

    This exhibition of Keith Vaughan’s early landscape and late ‘Grafitti’ figure drawings, provides a rare opportunity to consider his work as a draughtsman. Figures and landscapes were always at the heart of Vaughan’s pictorial vocabulary. With a few exceptions, these drawings have never been exhibited and so provide a fascinating insight into both the artist’s formal picture-making process and his personal and intimate life.

The drawings originate from two sources. The early landscapes and figure drawings come from the collection of Vaughan’s executor, the late Dr. Patrick Woodcock, where they were found, crammed into one of his upstairs cupboards. The late ‘Grafitti’ figure drawings were discovered in 1977 by Vaughan’s friends, including the artist Prunella Clough, while clearing out his studio after he had committed suicide.

The exhibition forms part of London Master Drawings Week 2009 (4th -10th July) of which we are participants.


The price range of this exhibition  was £850 – £1,200