Twenty five pencil drawings recording the evacuation of Philip Dark and his fellow POWs from Marlag O to Lubeck between 10th April and 7th May 1945.

Transcription of note inscribed and dated ‘(Memory?) 20.VI.02 ’

‘APRIL-MAY: we were marched out of Marlag destination Lubeck. The first night we were ‘lodged’ in a pit, used blankets for a tent; next in open fields not far from a main road, flares dropped by allies; then got shot up by our own planes, the night after this were put in a wood and had flares dropped over us: terrified bombs would be dropped on us and just wanted to up and go but any movement would have precipitated them – like rabbits in a cars headlights. Later went through Hamburg in a cattle truck and horrified at such devastation; just shells of buildings, sometimes with radiators sticking out on either side of the remains of a wall, then ended up in a barracks in Lubeck, where did drawings of horses and carts, people cooking outside, people sleeping, last one is of Geoff (?Whitehall, indistinct) with whom I shared on the March. A detailed account of all this is in my mss’.