BAKST Leon (1866-1924) (Circle of)
‘The Muscovite Peacock’. 
 Oil, paper and metal foil college ‘sous verre’. Provenance: Acquired John Carr Doughty (d.1998) from Tamara Karsavina (1885-1978) in 1944. His label verso inscribed: ‘DIAGHILEV – THE MUSCOVITE PEACOCK'. Karsavina was one of the 3 baidaderes in Diaghilev’s 1911 DIEU BLEU, and kept this glass picture which he gave her of the Muscovite Peacock, as he was known – as a memento of her life with the DIAGHILEV BALLET RUSSE. Acq’d from Karsavina, 1944’ (sic). It was in fact Leon Bakst who was known as ‘The Muscovite Peacock’ and who designed the sets and costumes for ‘Le Dieu Bleu’.
 8.5x12.5 inches. Framed: 11.25x15.25 inches.