BRANGWYN Sir Frank R.A. R.E. R.W.S. (1867-1956)
‘Jesus speaks to the Daughters of Jerusalem’. Chalk design for the 8th Station of the Cross. 1934. Lit: Engen, Brangwyn, London, 1978, pp. 284, 289. Bellaroche, Brangwyn Talks, London, 1946, pp.20, 55, 137. Bellaroche, Brangwyn’s Pilgrimage, London, 1948, pp.120, 124. Lit and Ill: Chesterton, The Way of the Cross, 1935, (B31), Marechal Frank Brangwyn: Collected Catalogue, Bruges, 1987, pp.178-180. 29x32.5. Framed: 38x42 inches.