John, Gwen (1876 - 1939)
'Votre Eveque / Mgr Gibier/ Juillet 29 (19)29', Meudon. en, brush and ink on tan paper. Inscribed by another hand on the attached, original backing. Provenance: Private Collection France to 2017. A composition in which John has placed the local Bishop, painted from a photograph, against the Congregation of the Meudon church in which she prayed and where she found so many of her subjects. It is possible that her use of a printed image of Mere Poussepin, long dead founder of the Meudon Convent, as the basis of the 12 Poussepin portraits encouraged her to consider the printed image as a legitimate source for composition. Monseigneur Charles Gibier was Bishop of Versailles from 1907-1931. 5.25x8.25 inches.