RIGBY Elizabeth (Lady Eastlake) (1809-1893)
‘Count and Countess Benkendorff’. Pencil, with some watercolour and gouache, on tan paper. Signed and dated, January 1840. Konstantin Alexander von Benckendorff (1781/83- 1844) a founding member of Czar Nicholas 1 Secret Police and his wife Elisaveta Donez-Sacharshevskaya (1788-1857). Rigby published ‘A Residence on the Shores of the Baltic’ in 1841. Provenance: A collection of 33 drawings by Elizabeth Rigby, Sotheby’s, 22.11.1979. Exhibited: No.26 ‘Portraits from Estonia and St Petersburg by Elizabeth Rigby’, Abbott and Holder, 1980. 12.75x9 inches.