ROWLANDSON Thomas (1756-1827)
French Prisoners under Guard. 
Ink and watercolour. 1794. 
6x9 inches. 
 Rowlandson and Henry Angelo (1756-1835) visited Portsmouth in 1794 to see Lord Howe return from his 'Glorious 1st of June' victory. ' ... The morning following we saw, on the Gosport side, the landing of the French prisoners, numbers of different divisions filing off to the different stations allotted them. As for the wounded, previous to their quitting the boats, carts were placed alongside, and when filled, on the smack of the whip, were ordered to proceed. The sudden jolting made their groans appalling, and must have occasioned the wounds of many to produce an immediate haemorrhage...' (H. Angelo, Reminiscences, Vol. II, p.292).