STONEHOUSE M.B.E. Brian (1918-1998)
'A Black and Red Priming Coat of black wool alpaca reversible to red velveteen … by Aintree with Merrimack velveteen, about $75 plus tax’. Gouache, ink and fibre-tip pen on grey paper. Stamped verso ‘V9719’. This coat illustrated ‘Young Colour Plans – Using a Priming Coat’, p.163, 15.8.1952 Issue, American Vogue. Stonehouse bought this cloak for his sister Margot and it remains in the artist’s family. Provenance: The artist’s estate. Stamped ‘Stonehouse Estate / A and H’ verso. 23x12.75 inches (irregular).

This work appears in the Exhibition: BRIAN STONEHOUSE M.B.E. (1918-1998)