Ward, Miss Greta (Later Mrs Archibald Sanderson?) (Mid-Twentieth Century)
'Kentish Landscape'. Oil on canvas. Signed. Two artist's labels verso. One for a previous work titled 'Parrog' and giving Miss Greta Ward's address at 54 Colne Road. A second used first for Archibald Sanderson (1901-1972), titled 'Cottage at Enfield, Spring', and giving his address also at 54 Colne Road. This label has been adapted, his Christian name deleted and the title changed to 'Kentish Landscape' for the current work. Presumably Miss Greta Ward became Mrs Archibald Sanderson. A 1950s R.B.A. label verso also. 15.5x19.5 inches. Framed: 21.5x25.5 inches.