Wollen, William Barnes (1857 - 1936)
George V investing an Indian Prince with The Star of India, 14th December, 1911. Watercolour and gouache. Signed. Incorrectly inscribed beneath the mount 'Investiture by Prince of Wales of Star of India'. The 'Narrative of the Visit to India by…George V… and of the Coronation Durbar' (publ.1912) by the Royal Archivist Sir John Fortescue identifies (p.178) this event. The Investee here wears the Mantle of the Knights Grand Commanders which identifies him as one of 6 figures: Maharaja of Bikaner, Maharao of Kotah, Maharaja of Kapurthala, Asaf Jah, Nizam of Hyderabad, or the Aga Khan III. 7.25x5 inches.